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Stunning countryside, castles and abbeys and other historic landmarks makes Yorkshire an ideal place for aerial filming. The Yorkshire Dales has always been a popular venue for photographers, and the views from the air are even more spectacular than those on the ground.

Aerial filming in Yorkshire with a drone often requires special permissions from land owners and local authorities. A FlightSight CAA approved drone pilot will know how to conduct flights safely and within the law. Flying in congested areas such as York presents it’s own challenges, but an experienced pilot will know how to deal with these.

High definition aerial footage is the ideal medium for capturing the British countryside. Scenes shot from above have a cinematic look, and the cost of production is less than you may think.

A rogue operator may offer something cheaper, so always check a drone pilot is approved by the CAA before hiring. It’s also worth asking to see evidence of insurance when booking a drone pilot.

As well as aerial footage of Yorkshire, FlightSight can capture high definition photographs, these are ideal for promoting hotels, tourist attractions and wedding venues.

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