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As long as man has been around there has been a need for shelter and whether it was a caveman building their roof from sod or the new developer using metal or tiles, there has always been a requirement to inspect and maintain. Common practice today is to erect scaffolding or use a mobile platform although there is the emerging trend of using drone technology to carry out the task of inspection.

Using a drone to carry out roof inspections & survey work will help to greatly reduce the number of workplace accidents & injuries as well as saving businesses time and money. Working with the latest technology asset inspections at height can now be presented with hi-res images and 4K video with the added facility of live streaming the inspection to other stakeholders.

Using a drone to perform your roof inspections and surveys has the following advantages

•    There is no requirement for the erection of scaffolding or mobile platforms.

•    We are removing workers from the risk area and reducing work at height.

•    Inspections can be performed in a fraction of the time with results being available the same day.

•    Inspections can be performed with a high degree of accuracy

•    There is minimal if any disruption to your daily business activities.

•    Problems can be spotted way before they begin.

•    Reports can be performed on old buildings are regular intervals, showing any potential problems up long before they manifest.

Next time you're pricing up your access equipment give us a call to discuss how we can save you time and money as well as protecting your workforce.

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