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3D Reconstruction

Through the use of photogrammetry we can recreate objects, sculptures or entire buildings in 3D allowing you to view these assets up close from the comfort of your seat.


Examples of work we have carried out include the 3D reconstruction of centuries old roof bosses from St Mary's Church Beverley, 3d models of masonry carvings prior to being installed, and entire buildings to enable surveyors to carry out a visual inspection without the cost of access equipment or the safety risk of working at height.

Some things if they were damaged could never be replaced, or could they? Through modern technology and 3D printing, artefacts that were once unable to be reproduced can now be replica in your hands. 

Narnia Carvings - St Mary's Church, Beverley

In 2020, as part of the restoration of the north nave clerestory, 14 new carvings of characters from The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis were made especially for St Mary’s.

These new carvings were made with kind permission from The CS Lewis Company Ltd by stone carvers at the local firm of Matthias Garn Master Mason & Partner, based on designs by one of its sculptors, Kibby Schaefer. Before being installed high up on the exterior of the church, the carvings were exhibited at ground level in Beverley, so that people had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them up close.

Through taking 1000's of images we were able to recreate 3D models of the carvings allowing full 360 access to them for future generations.

Roof Bosses - St Mary's Church, Beverley

There are over 600 bosses on St Mary’s ceilings. These curious carvings are a vibrant visual record of the lives, hopes and dreams of our medieval and Tudor ancestors – a way of storytelling without words.



The bosses are located high up in the ceiling areas and are difficult to see in detail, through the use of ground and drone photography we were able to create 3D reconstructions of a number of the bosses which were then "printed" out by York University allowing people to hold life size replicas of the bosses. It is hoped in the future that these replicas can be used in education for children to handle and paint their own bosses.

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