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Safety First

What better way is there to increase safety and reduce the risk to your workforce than removing them from the equation. With drone technology we are are able to get high quality images & video of your assets without needing to involve work at height.

With the ability to retain the footage you can easily look back at it to make sure nothing was missed and document your due diligence. You are able to watch the footage as we carry out the task and even have the ability to live stream should you want someone to remotely view - this gives you the ability to direct your own shots!

Aerial inspections and drones are the becoming the perfect marriage that was meant to be bringing with it huge savings compared to traditional methods. No waiting around for scaffolding to be erected, no need to book in advance for platforms, drones can be quickly deployed. For most aerial inspections, they only require one person to operate and they can provide real time information to both the pilot and the surveyor. Drones can also capture perfect images that surveyors can take with them and review or present to others. A job that could take days using traditional methods can now be completed within minutes.

For more information on how we can help with your project contact us to discuss what we can offer.

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