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Pre-Planning & Build

During the planning stages of your event we can provide you with up to date mapping so there are no surprise when you arrive on site, why use Google Maps which may be many years old when you can have the view from today?

Progress reports, stage build inspections, site planning and design, get the views that matter.

During Your Event

FlightSight offer amazing bespoke aerial views capturing key moments of your events. Working with the latest technology we can immortalise your special occasion in Ultra High Definition 4K

Flying discreetly over your event whether it may be a festival, seasonal market or party we can fly close to the action ensuring clear and unique memories for you to keep.

Operational Eye in the Sky

With the ability to live stream footage we can give event control the views they need, be it traffic updates around the site, campsite space remaining or crowd flows, FlightSight can provide you with the information to deliver a safe event.

Post Event & Break Down

Promotional images showing the success of our clean up, maybe you're responsible for reinstatements and want to be able to document what effect your event has had on the site. This can be provided quickly and in high quality.

For more information on how we can help with your project contact us to discuss what we can offer.

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