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Capturing Aerial Images of Golf Courses

There are few venues that look more spectacular when viewed from the air than a golf course. Photography and videography of the entirety of your course – from the firts tee to the 18th hole and even the 19th - can combine to produce some stunning visual images.

Marketing your Golf Course

A series of short drone flights can provide you with a wide range of marketing materials. Short hole by hole flyovers make for perfect website and social media engagement material. Longer promotional productions that combine video and still photography set to music or voice-over can be impressive sight for prospective visitors. Even existing members can enjoy it while they relax in the club house – a view of their club that they have never seen before.

Drones can offer the opportunity to set your course within its environment, allow you to present new visitors with information about your location, access and even parking facilities. Drones can be programmed to a flight path that allows them to take 100s of pictures that can be then digital stitched together to form a complete course map – even creating this in 3D is relatively simple with today’s technology.

Drone footage and images are particularly powerful when combined with ground level photography to showcase your fairways, hole placement and hospitality areas – allowing visitors to view all of your course

The relatively low cost of drone coverage means that you can repeat flights over the course of the year to capture the changing season – providing you with a wealth of year round marketing material for all your website, printed literature and social media channels.

Existing Club Members

Apart from being able to enjoy a new perspective on their favourite club, drone flyovers of single holes can be effective as a planning and tuition aid when members are working on their game. An aerial perspective of the course challenges can help them to visualise their approach in a new way.

Construction & Design

Drone imagery can be an invaluable aid in the planning and construction of new golf courses. 2D and 3D mapping technologies let the course designers plan their creations to maximise the landscape’s natural features. Regular flights during the construction process can allow problems to be avoided, opportunities to maximised and investors to be kept informed at each step.

Course Maintenance

For course owners and managers, regular drone flights can provide invaluable information when it comes to keeping their grounds in peak condition. The health of trees, vegetation and greens can be assessed and maintenance teams can be effectively deployed – a time and cost saving over ground based inspection methods over such a large area.

As anyone running an outdoor venue in the UK will attest, the weather can pose significant challenges.

Drones allow for fast and easy inspection of the entire course after heavy rain or high winds allowing any remedial action to be taken quickly – keeping the course in top condition and maximising playable hours.

Drones have the potential to revolutionise the way that golf courses are designed, maintained and marketed – offer a level of dimension and scale that was expensive and difficult to achieve with traditional manned flight methods. From demonstrating the unique features an challenges of your course to showcasing your hospitality and other amenities, you can look to a camera in the sky to provide many of the answers you have been looking for.

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Article by DroneSafe Register

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