Drone use in Construction Projects

Drones have a number of very important ways in which they can contribute to the smooth and efficient progress of construction projects.  From tracking site progress to monitoring site safety, to keeping stakeholders informed and overseeing subcontractors, the use of UAVs can offer substantial benefits over traditional methods.

With even relatively small construction projects offering complex logistical challenges, this ability to streamline and simplify has unsurprisingly led to this new technology being fully embraced by the construction industry.

Drones can offer aerial photos and even 3D models created relatively simply with a short series of flights.  These detailed images can be used to spot problems, and adjust plans and timescales accordingly.

They also serve to provide a record of the various stages of the project which can be used for future maintenance purposes.

Site Mapping and Geotagged Images

Regular site mapping is a vital tool to project management and an aerial camera means that this is faster and easier than ever. Geotagged pictures mean that these images become more than detailed photos – they are a complete set of references from which measurements can be taken.

This can be an invaluable tool when it comes to quantitative estimates and ordering supplies, saving both time and money.

Finding Fast Solutions

Safety inspections become faster and easier with the kind of aerial overview that a drone can provide. Areas that are highlighted as a cause for concern can then be investigated and dealt with in a targeted manner. This can save a lot of time patrolling these often huge construction sites.

The resulting images can be quickly passed to required specialists to allow them to analyse the data at least initially without the need for a site visit.  In fact, there are many ways in which this digital information can be share between all parties for improved collaboration.

Detailed Inspection

As well as providing overview images of a site, drones with high resolution cameras can be used to carry out detailed inspections of areas that would be hard for construction personnel and necessitate either scaffolding or cherry pickers.

Areas such as roofs, chimneys and spires can be easily captured without incurring the health and safety risks involved with working at height.