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If you know a Drone pilot, please forward this article to them. It might save them a court case, fines or bans from flying.

To those who don’t check pilot credentials: You are putting your business and your reputation at risk, because you are also liable for facilitating illegal activities.

So you've just bought your first drone, you've carried out your first successful flight and best of all you have back in one piece, and now what to do with that great video footage you just collected. Stick it online, share with friends, promote your business and and get that 'Likes' counter going through the roof.

But.... Will your footage incriminate you?

With drone laws becoming more stringent it is vital to ensure that everything captured in your video is legal. Would you drive 120mph down a motorway, film it and share it online without expecting a knock at the door? The police patrol the roads and can easily pull you over, with a drone in the air how do they know where it came from and how do they keep up with it? An easier way is to look online at sites such as Youtube & Facebook where people openly post their crimes, yes, you could actually be committing a crime with your drone resulting in an unlimited fine and upto 5 years imprisonment.

So why does this affect my Business?

You wouldn't use an unregistered gas engineer, or on a friday night you wouldn't get into a car with 'TAXI' scrawled across the side so why would you put your businesses reputation into the hands of a drone operator without the correct permissions & insurance.

FlightSight are CAA Approved, have completed in depth training & assessment and hold full insurance to ensure that we can market your business or property legally & safely.

Why not give us a call to see how we can help you.

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